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Type I diabetes will require insulin for control and is permanent, unless a Beta cell transplant can be performed. Type II diabetes is acquired and may be reversed or controlled with lifestyle. Below are some excellent links to follow that will give you all the information needed to control and reverse your diabetes:

Weimar Institute
Dr. John McDougall
Dr. Joel Fuhrman
Dr. Neal Barnard
Dr. Michael Greger at
When blood sugar is uncontrolled and there are ocular findings from diabetes that are not treated, blindness can occur within two years. Regular examinations for diabetic patients are vital to protecting your vision and preventing problems from advancing into serious or chronic problems. When ocular diabetic complications occur, laser and surgery are only effective when blood sugar and blood pressure is controlled. A good baseline goal for all diabetics is to keep their blood pressure control and hemoglobin A1C at seven or below to prevent end-organ damage in the eye, peripheral nerves and kidneys.

Symptoms that may indicate a problem in diabetic patients includes:

  • Blurred or double vision
  • Red or black ink spots that change shape, new floaters and flashes of light
  • Pain or pressure in one or both eyes
  • A curtain covering part of the vision or trouble seeing out of part of the eye
  • A central blur

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