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Our Mission & Core Values

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Our offices have always been located in North County where we strive to provide a peaceful, harmonious environment in which personal care is provided to our patients by our caring staff. We believe that a positive attitude by the members of our staff is vital to caring for our patients and a smile that greets a patient upon their arrival is transferred to patients throughout their visit.

Our core values have been modeled from the Loma Linda University where training was received:

  1. Compassion: The sympathetic willingness to be engaged with the needs and sufferings of others.
  2. Integrity: The quality of living a unified life in which one’s convictions are well-considered and match one’s action.
  3. Integrity encompasses honesty, authenticity and trustworthiness.
  4. Excellence: The commitment to exceed minimum standards and expectations.
  5. Freedom: The competency and privilege to make informed and accountable choices and to respect the freedom of others.
  6. Justice: The commitment to equality and to treat others fairly, renouncing all forms of unfair discrimination.
  7. Purity/Self-Control: The commitment to be morally upright and moderate in all things, with complete control over one’s emotions, desires and actions.
  8. Humility: The willingness to serve others in a sacrificial manner and the self-respect that renounces haughtiness or arrogance.

Our employees embrace these values and we treat patients and each other with respect and courtesy, celebrating our unique differences, talents and perspectives. We are committed to maintaining a professional work environment and healthy working relationships by addressing issues and concerns directly and privately. If more senior level support is deemed necessary, those involved should speak with the Practice Administrator privately, ideally at the end of the work day.

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